BML helps Wilson & Scott Highways
Following a Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting, Stephen Scott approached BML to discuss the company’s requirement to take on an Electronic Document and Records Management system.

Whilst the company employs around 70 staff, only 14 work in the head office with the remainder being front-line site workers.

They have held ISO 9001 accreditation since 1990 so know the importance of quality and the documentation that requires. Now they are going through a similar accreditation exercise for ISO 14001 and plan to be accredited to ISO 18001 by the end of 2010.

These new accreditations naturally bring a raft of new documents and the management of these require review and change processes to be in place. They also need to be easily accessible to the whole work force wherever they are and their clients often require sight of the main policy statements prior to work commencing.

The traditional solution has been to keep the source documents on a network drive, publish the document in PDF for sending to clients and printing copies for the work force.

The traditional problem of “copy creep” to local hard drives and multiple network drive locations has gradually caused difficulty isolating the true source copy for update and staff have used the “first found” copy as their working copy.

Stephen Scott, Managing Director, wearing his “the responsible person [hard]hat” for the approval and sign-off of all documents in their information management system has recognised they really need some form of automation and “locked down” source if they are to manage all the new policy process and procedure documents that will be necessary to meet the new accreditations.

He feels a document management system is the right way to go but needed independent advice to help qualify the full requirements.

Stephen commented “Brian has provided us with the information we need to move forward with this project. His report details the time, cost and benefits of the options available to us and gives us the confidence to specify, order and deliver a solution from an IT provider. Without this information we could easily chose the wrong solution and provider leaving us vulnerable to time and cost over-runs.”

As a document management system will bring generic document storage and a single location to find any business document or record, the review requested by Stephen was given the widest brief to look at how a system could benefit the whole business not just manage the ISO documents.

BML spent several days interviewing the management team and key workers to understand the document flows within the business and the departmental requirements. BML also studied the EDMS add-on module available with their accounts package to see if it would be a suitable solution to meet all the requirements gathered in the review.

The detailed report BML provided to Stephen, for presentation to the main board to justify funding the project, covered both the EDMS requirements and the options to provide the remote work force with mobile connectivity to the head office systems replacing the need to carry paper copy.

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