When did you last review your processes?
Process Review
Processes should be reviewed annually!

If your last review was more than 5 years ago, then your processes are in need of immediate review as they will be missing vital information about recent legislation and compliance changes.

Even if they were reviewed 2-3 years ago, there is a strong chance they need updating to meet the changes happening right now in your market place.

The problem everyone faces with process reviews is the ability to undertake that review quickly and then document the updates. This is where BML can help.

The first review BML helps you on will move all your process diagrams and documentation in to a new easy to maintain format that will make the future annual reviews easy to continue with.

The first BML review will map the “As Is” state using BPMN notation. The Maps will be directly connected to the textual description of each part of the map. The whole document and maps can be exported to PDF, HTML or XML. The map diagrams can also be output to JPG for inclusion in other reports.

The value added aspect of the mapping tool is the whole document can be republished as soon as a change has been made to the map or text. It can also have metrics added to each step to further enhance the whole value of the process document.

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