Records Management
Business Process Management Records Management (RM) is key to effective compliance with legislation and regulatory bodies. Work to standards such as ISO 15489, BIP 0008 and BS10008. Develop retention and destruction policies. Bring Email in to the records and document management framework.

Use of electronic systems for records storage and archive brings greater need to have effective policies. If the policies are not working for you, you will struggle with Legal Discovery and fail in the early stages of litigation. The cost these days of legal discovery is huge and takes many weeks to months for the average case.

Why do so many organisations have to settle out of court? Because the cost of defending is too high simply due to lack of control over email.

EMM Practitioner accreditation
Brian Wall, the principal BPM business consultant and Managing Director has been awarded the EMM Practitioner accreditation by AIIM.     more

Records Management Policy
The client was planning to relocate a number of departments in to new buildings over a 2 year period. The catch was the amount paper in each department versus the amount of space available in the new offices.     more

Post Room scanning procedure
The client is scanning all relevant incoming post to an EDM system. They must follow best practice guidance for Legal Admissibility and Evidential Weight of electronic documents as defined in BS BIP 0008.     more

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