BPM Master accreditation
Brian spent 4 days attending the classroom course and completed 22 online study modules. The process he went through included passing the exams for Practitioner in July 2009 and Specialist in October 2009 followed by filing the Case Study in January 2010 to acheive the Master level. The case study is sent for peer review in an anonymous form to several experts in the field to be judged independently of the AIIM organisation.

Brian is presently studying for the EMM (Email Management) Practitioner level as he sees the management of Emails to be a bigger issue for organisations than documents and records. This fits in perfectly with Brian's 20+ years experience the document management sector.

AIIM has over 10,000 accredited professionals in the ECM, BPM, ERM market place.

The BPM Master course covers aspects of business improvement methodologies like Six-Sigma and Lean, technologies such as SOA and how the business consultant should use best practice to guide a company through the change process.

BPM Master accreditation
Brian Wall, the principal BPM business consultant and Managing Director has been awarded the BPM Master accreditation by AIIM.

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