Business Process Management
Business Process Management Business Process Management (BPM): investigates how your business could gain competitive advantage by improving what you do.

It does not have to involve new systems, it can be a purely human-to-human activity that has a “bottleneck” that sometimes brings stress and stops the smooth operation of the business. In such cases, the first thought will be to “throw resources” at the problem.

The BPM approach is to reappraise the necessary working practices and strip out unnecessary pieces of work. In the past the phrase “lateral thinking” would be used, but with BPM it is more a case of logical application of common sense to work activities.

BPM encompasses Workflow, ECM, BPI and BPR, SOA, Six Sigma and Lean depending on the individual company and the processes under investigation. Always study and fully understand your processes before trying to apply technological solutions. By doing so, you will discover what and where change is really needed and how best to make the change. It will also bring to the fore any existing technology within the business that can be re-used or enhanced rather than taking on yet another system.

BML helps Wilson & Scott Highways
Stephen Scott, Managing Director, wearing his “the responsible person [hard]hat” for the approval and sign-off of all documents in their information management system has recognised they really need some form of automation and “locked down” source if they are to manage all the new policy process and procedure documents that will be necessary to meet the ISO 9001 ISO 14000 and ISO18000 accreditations.     more
BPM Master accreditation
Brian Wall, the principal BPM business consultant and Managing Director has been awarded the BPM Master accreditation by AIIM.     more
When did you last review your processes?
If your last review was more than 2 years ago, then your processes are in need of immediate review as they are almost certainly missing vital information relevant to recent legislation and compliance.     more
BPM Gap Analysis
The client a mutual society providing professional liability cover to the medical professions. The project was to perform a gap analysis study of the current business processes compared to the documented processes and advise on areas for improvement.     more

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