Business Process Management These pages provide a quick reference for people new to the world of Business Process Management. Whilst BML Solutions has used industry accepted definitions on this page, the definitions used are only intended to be used in conjunction with and to support the understanding of the terminology used on this website.
BS 10008:2008
This is a new Standard published by BSI to ensure a business operates an effective Information Management System for the purpose of acheiving Legal Admissibility. It is implemented through BIP 0008:2008     more

BIP 0008:2008
BIP 0008:2008 Code of Practice: Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronically Stored Documents     more

Business Process Management is a generic term that encompasses the techniques, structured methods, and means to streamline operations and increase efficiency.     more

Business Process Modelling Notation is a standardised graphical modelling notation.     more

Workflow is the more intelligent form of Routing as it allows deviations and alternate paths based on staged decision processes.     more

Routing is the simple straight line movement from point A through point B to point C.     more

Enterprise Content Management is the practice for using the technological systems toolsets for holding all the unstructured business content in form of documents, policies, procedures and web pages on an intranet/internet portal(s).     more

Business Process Improvement is the incremental approach to improve existing processes.     more

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