BS 10008 Compliance Certification
This is a full information management appraisal using the BS BIP 0009 Compliance Workbook. This looks at all your policies and procedures as well as the working activities.

Study visit to provide full BS10008 report
Signed completed BS 10008 Compliance Workbook
Full Gap analysis report showing current compliance status
Improvements programme plan
3 and 6 month review against the change programme
Certification when compliance achieved
3 year programme of further BS 10008 Compliance Workbooks
Programme of certification renewal
Professional support in legal situations
Notification of latest updates to the standards

We are here for the long term and will therefore offer you continued support and certification for as long as you want it.

Annual BS 10008 Certification Renewal after 3 years will include:

Professional support in legal situations.
BS 10008 Compliance Workbook review visit & certificate renewal.
Latest updates to the standards.
1 day per year Re-training of 1 staff member to meet updates to standards/policies.
Any Policy/Procedure documents we write will be updated according to latest standards.

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