BS10008 is the British Standard for Evidential Weight and Legal Admissibility of Electronic Information.
This British Standard sets the minimum best practice levels for information storage, scanning, security, policies and procedures whatever the system employed.

Attaining compliance has to be the ultimate goal for all organisations handling sensitive data, but particularly relevant in the NHS.

We provide fixed fee services, starting with the Compliance Appraisal, for your Information and Records Management status relative to the BS10008 standard. The focus is on your current working procedures for handling and processing your documentation with the ultimate aim of ensuring you attain the highest possible standards to gain BS 10008 certification.

Why would you do this?
Confidence that your scanning processes conform to best practice.
Confidence in your Information Security.
Confidence that you are unlikely to breach Data Protection rules.
Confidence that your Records Management Policy is up to date.
Confidence that your Records Destruction Policy and Schedule is up to date.

In short peace of mind that what you do would support you in any legal proceedings.

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