Notability Solutions Ltd
The sales management were spending 1-2 full days every week reviewing proposal documents due to the number of past sales proposals that had left contractual loopholes and were costing them money.

The requirement was for a Word template that was very easy to use and triggered the author in to making sure base information and scope were well defined.

The template contained prepared sections for T&C's Copyright and the full document structure with a Table of Contents, History, Distribution and sections with standard headings.

Macros were provided to format tables to meet the corporate style. Ebmedded styles controlled font, colour, size etc. and each given a short-cut key.

It made the authors life easy by giving them that starter that required no messing with.

It made the client's life easier as they had consistent presentation in the proposal that was easy to understand.

It saved the sales management team 1 day per week reviewing and changing proposals.

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