Detica Ltd
Being in the high value telecoms industry, it was important to Detica for all reports published externally to follow a standard format that promoted the corporate image.

The requirement was to update existing Word97 templates and macros written a long time previously in earlier versions of wordbasic. The templates were used intermittantly as macros would terminate unexpectedly and no-one had ownership of the macros any more.

The templates had to provide the options to convert the document in to suitably paginated layouts for simplex and duplex printing and simplified drafts without sectional breaks.

The special Toolbar in the template contained over 30 functional controls for document formatting and sectional editing. The clean-up functions were as important as the create functions.

There could never be a page anywhere in the document classified as "blank" - such pages must always contain "intentionally blank". This caused signficant work to ensure odd/even pages in every section would always work out at save & print times and any empty reverse page was duly marked.

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