EMM Practitioner accreditation
Brian spent a number of days working through the 10 online study modules. The process he went through included passing an exam for each module (12 questions with above 70% pass required for each) to attain the EMM Practitioner level.

Brian sees the management of Emails to be the bigger issue these days for organisations rather than documents and records as the use of email has organically found its way in to the business world.

Brian point out that in many organisations, there are well defined Records and Document management structures and practices in place, but the email is all too often still outside these formalised practices and the average user has no realisation just how important their emails are to the business, particularly at a time of legal discovery. Email, as with any other document, needs guidance and control to protect the company and employee. Deletion too early could could be just as important as keeping something that should have been detroyed. Both cases cause a major headache.

The main problem is that EMAIL is often thought of as a "media" or specific document "type" when in fact each email needs to be assessed on it's own merits - i.e. content, context and purpose - just like any other document.

This new accreditation fits in perfectly with Brian's 20+ years experience in the document management sector and specifically within the Records Management sector.

AIIM has over 10000 accredited professionals in the ECM, BPM, ERM marketplace.

Brian Wall, the principal BPM business consultant and Managing Director has also been awarded the BPM Master accreditation by AIIM.

EMM Practitioner accreditation
Brian Wall, the principal BPM business consultant and Managing Director has been awarded the EMM Practitioner accreditation by AIIM.

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