Post Room scanning procedure
The post room is kitted out with professional scanners and uses Kofax software to control the whole process of image and metadata capture. Kofax not only improves the image quality at scan time (using VRS) it also provides a routing mechanism to enable a batch of scanned documents to move through an independent Quality check stage before they are released to the EDM system for import.

The procedure, whilst essentially correct in its information about the "how to" it was poorly written and just taped on the wall. There were a fair number of hand-written updates on the paper copy so the electronic copy was significantly out of date. As a significant number of people were on the part-time rota only a very small number of staff members would be fully conversant with the whole process.

BML has taken that document and re-written it in the style of DocuTools(TM) performance procedures so that it can be used as both a training aid for new staff and an aide-memoir for the regulars.

Each task in the end-to-end process is written as a standalone section so the reader only needs those few pages to perform the task. As the procedure steps are set in a table, it is easy to follow the logic of what to and when to do it. It also indicates what to do at each step if there are problems. Prior to the procedure table are predetermined headings always labelled the same and in the same order with crucial information including responsibility and pre-requisites.

The procedure covers everything from the moment the post arrives to it being sorted for scanning or separated for special handling. Throughout the scanning process, the procedure ensures accurate recording of activities relevant to the whole scanning process (who did what) and the final storage of the paper copies.

As part of the work, a new template with aids for managing the documents was also created along with a template user guide to explain how to get the best from the template. The client can now maintain the document easily.

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