Records Management Policy
The IT department were also investgating scanning and EDM/ERM systems, but this was a longer term project aimed for the initial moves to the new build.

A survey of the site quickly showed the massive disparity between the existing and new arrangements. The survey also highlighted the significant amount of duplication and potential exposure to data protection non-compliance due to sheer volume of paper held by some departments could not be locked away.

Digging a little deeper, it also became clear that a corporate Records Management Policy was missing. The Finance department had a very good policy document that covered all financial and related documents, but there was a gap covering a large number of everyday business documents which actually formed more than 60% of the mass.

We targeted the corporate Records Management Policy quickly followed by the Retention & Destruction Policy. As part of this work we contacted all known agencies that might have a call on the documents and asked them for their views on which documents and how long they needed to be retained. Surprisingly a few could not answer the questions so the standard 6 years rule was generally applied. The next review can reset these periods if new information comes to light.

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