Business Process Management These pages provide a quick reference for people new to the world of Business Process Management. Whilst BML Solutions has used industry accepted definitions on this page, the definitions used are only intended to be used in conjunction with and to support the understanding of the terminology used on this website.
Business Process Re-engineering is the sharp and complete restructuring of all or a part of a business.     more

Service Oriented Architecture acts as a system or application intermediary to provide a common communication method between systems that would otherwise require significant detailed programming interface work.     more

Six Sigma
Six Sigma was originally developed by Motorola to systematically improve processes by eliminating defects.     more

Lean is a set of tools to reduce waste in a process and was developed in manufacturing industries. The concepts and tools equally apply to service industries as it studies the “Value Stream” of the entire process from order to delivery.     more

Value Stream Mapping
The mapping of the Value Stream identifies which elements/activities “Add” value and those that are effectively “Costs” in the process.     more

As Is
“As Is” – the current state of a business process. This is the reality of how the work is done now.     more

To Be
“To Be” – the future state desired by the business.     more

Gap Analysis
Gap Analysis documents the work necessary for a business to move from the “As Is” state to the “To Be” state.     more

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