New Service offering for the NHS
We have experience from working with a number of NHS Trusts over the years around the topics of scanning, data capture, records management and establishing the best practice regime to minimise exposure to issues with regard to the Legal Admissibility of Electronically Held Information.

British Standards have published best practice guidance as a Code of Practice since the mid 1990's and most recently issued their first Standard BS 10008. Unfortunately, the NHS Records Management Policy still refers to the now outdated 2004 Code of Practice which was completely revised alongside the Standard.

We are pleased to offer the following services:

Compliance Appraisal
BIP 0008 Compliance Assessment
Annual BIP0008 Certification Renewal after 3 years
BS 10008 Compliance Certification
Annual BS 10008 Certification Renewal after 3 years
Additional Services

Please see our pages dedicated to the these services for the NHS.

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