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Information is the life blood of today's business. Managing that information effectively is your competitive edge. If the information arriving in your business is handled poorly, there is a risk of missed opportunities, slow sales order processess affecting cash flow or even data protection breaches.

The ICO has issued more than 15 penalties in excess of 50,000 since Nov 2010 of which 5 have been 100,000 or more.


In today's multi-media and instant communications world, the risks increase exponentially. Best practice implementation of Information Management will allow you to minimise the Legal Admissibility and Data Protection risks associated with electronic information.

How will BML help you? We offer a simple fixed price Information Management Health Check.

By bringing all your information management processes out in the open we can help you ascertain how compliant you are. We are also able to produce a Gap Analysis Report that allows you to find the best improvements that give a return on your investment.

Often, best practice changes bring significant returns for relatively small investments. Moreover, these changes bring continuous long-term benefits to the organisation when fully embraced by the workforce and adopted as defacto working practices.

If you are in the NHS and specifically a GP Practice who will be commissioning services, see our special section NHS Services.

How does BML do this? Our BPM specialist.

Call BML's accredited AIIM BPM Master to look after you and your process improvement projects.

Alignment is what you need most often in your processes, not drastic change or complete re-engineering. Policies from 5 years ago almost inevitably are no longer aligned with today’s working practices due to the organic changes brought about by legislation and regulation. Procedures are probably updated piecemeal (or worse hand written scribbles over an ancient paper copy) without a co-ordinated and planned approach.

Call BML for a Policies and Procedures document review.

Gartner on BPM
As companies try to find cost optimization opportunities during the economic downturn, business process management (BPM) investments can provide a cost savings of as much as 20% within the first year of implementation, according to Gartner, Inc. Analysts have said enterprises can achieve the payback from their BPM implementation within a year.

BML offers you a core set of consulting services.

Business Process Management (BPM) to investigate how your business could gain competitive advantage by improving what you do.

Bring “Lean” and “Six Sigma” concepts to your everyday working environment to cut out wasted effort and improve the quality of what you do.

Call BML to Map your processes and re-align your Policies and Procedures to how your business is working today.

Records Management (RM) is key to effective compliance with legislation and regulatory bodies. Work to standards such as ISO 15489, BIP 0008 and BS10008. Develop retention and destruction policies.

Thinking of Scanning? - Call BML's accredited AIIM Capture Practitioner to discuss the issues around scan & capture and management of electronic information. The legal admissibility and evidential weight of documents is key to your business in today's litigious world.

Bring Email in to the "RM" fold - Call BML's accredited AIIM EMM Practitioner to discuss the issues around compliance and legal discovery.

Document Design (DD) results in consistency for the delivery of information internally and externally. Put your corporate stamp on everything you do. We will automatically provide a template as part of every BPM and Records Management project.

Project Management (PM) to ensure clear requirement and functional specifications are produced before embarking on any business or systems change.

BML is not tied to any vendor. BML Solutions provides independent information management consultancy in the Content and Document Management market place.

BML Solutions is building on an enviable reputation for honest, "fit for purpose" solutions to client needs. Time is taken to understand what business difficulties are being faced by the client before making recommendations.

BML Solutions can advise clients on a wide range of business issues by applying knowledge & experience gained from over 30 years in the IT industry.

BML Solutions believes in applying Best Practice to deliver Quality solutions. Let us discuss your needs as implementing best practice often produces as much business gain as implementing a software package but in less time and at lower cost.

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